Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Australian SBO Qualifiers (3S/VF5/T5DR)... NEWS!

I just got the word back the other day from the guys at Arcadia Magazine and I am proud to announce that for this years Arcadia/Enterbrain 5th Annual Tougeki aka 'Super Battle Opera' tournament, Australia will be holding a qualifying tournament with direct entry spots into the main event for the following games:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

1. Virtua Fighter 5 (3v3)
2. Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection (3v3)
3. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (3v3)

SBO will be held in Tokyo, Japan over 3 days from Friday August 10th to Sunday August the 12th.

So to repeat... Australia has 1 spot in each game listed above for SBO5 in 2007. All 3 games are team tournaments. (3v3)

The Australian SBO Qualifiers will be held in central Sydney on Saturday May the 5th. The venue for this event has yet to be finalised. Game format will be as follows:

1. Virtua Fighter 5 - PS3 (Singles tournament, double elimination best 2/3, top 3 players qualify)
2. Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection - PS3 (3v3 team tournament, double elimination, top team qualifies)
3. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Arcade/CPS3 (3v3 team tournament, double elimination, top team qualifies)

More details like entry fee cost, venue etc will be released within the next 2 weeks. However if you intend to come to Sydney for this the date for the qualifiers are set as shown above so you can plan around it accordingly. More discussion about this can be found over on ozhadou.net here!

Stay tuned,
TSC - Australian SBO Director

Monday, 26 February 2007

Heatwave is over!

Sydney's 1st annual summer arcade major Street Fighter tournament is now over! Held at 'GGS' in Sydney over 3 nights and 2 days... Heatwave despite the lower than expected turnout (especially in 3S and ST) was by all accounts a smashing success! With interstate players from Melbourne coming up including the grandfather of the Australian SF scene Kechu making a last minute appearance (In typical Melbourne fashion I might add), the infamous italian stallion Oro player himself Alex and the world famous ToXy, the event turned out to be better than originally thought earlier in the week when it looked as though it would only be us Sydney players playing with ourselves. ^_^

OzHadou admin Ziggy originally came up with the concept behind Heatwave which was to have a first for the Australian fighting game community and that was an arcade based tournament with fixed cash prizes. In other words, prize money that was not determined by the number of entrants etc... basically, regardless of how many people entered the $ prize would be the same. Heatwave had $1500 in cash prizes for the 3 major games at the event... 3S, ST and SFA2 which replaced MvC2 due to the board dieing on us a few weeks earlier. Side tournaments included SF2 HF and XvSF.

In HF old school vet Kechu ended up taking home 1st place and it was no suprise when ToXy raped everyone to win XvSF. Moving on to ST and ToXy's Boxer was to strong on the day and Kechu's Guile was as solid as ever to take the 1st-2nd crown for Melbourne. TSC's Claw came in 3rd place after a close match to ToXy and raping from Kechu's SF2 style ST Guile. :(

In 3S Kechu was expected to take the crown here after coming in at a career low 5th place in the previous night's RanBat. In the end though he was 'Chun-whored' by eks and MN who abused the Chun vs Alex 8-2 match up and knocked him out of the tournament into an even newer career low of 7th place. The man of the night though was Sydney's Urien king Jimmy aka Bluey! Bluey has been around since the beginning of 3S back in 1999 and has always been regarded as one of Sydney's top tier players. However, he has never been able to transfer his success in casual matches over into the tournament setting and has always played well below average in them. However this night he was straight up beasting and came through the winners bracket into the finals. In the end TSC was unable to break Bluey in the finals and when his Makoto missed SA2 after st.HP (which would have stunned him and won the match)... well, it was clear that it was over and that Jimmy would now be $250 richer. Congratulations to Bluey for his first 3S tournament win ever!

In the end it was a very enjoyable weekend as I am sure all those present would attest to. Alot of old faces came out along with the new and of course having the Melbourne players come up really did make the weekend ten times better than it would have been without them. I would especially like to thank Kechu for coming up... especially after spending so much money these past few months with his trips to Hong Kong and Japan were he proudly represented Melbourne and the Australian 3S scene in general.

Thanks again to all those who helped organise this event behind the scenes and on the day... FAB, Jack, sneek to name a few and last but not least Zigoas - this man forked out a very large sum of $ out of his own pocket to fund this event which became even larger due to the lower than expected turnout. My hat comes of to you buddy, you did a great job and I am sure I speak for everyone else in the community when I thank you for your hard work and dedication to the scene!

Top 8 results from each game can be found below, full results can be found on ozhadou.net here!

Heatwave - 3S Results: (18 Entrants)
1st - Bluey (UR)
2nd - TSC (GO/MA)
3rd - shaaaaa (IB)
4th - Jack (YU/DU)
5th - eks (CH)
5th - MN (CH)
7th - Kechu (AL/IB)
7th - Kow_dude (YU)

Top 3 in 3S, from left to right: TSC (GO/MA), Bluey (UR) & shaaaaa (IB)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Heatwave - ST Results: (19 Entrants)
1st - ToXY (Boxer)
2nd - Kechu (Guile)
3rd - TSC (Claw/Dictator/DJ)
4th - Ziggy (Honda)
5th - Kenshin (Guile)
5th - Afterdeath (Boxer)
7th - FAB (Gief/Guile)
7th - Humanbomb (Ryu/Ken)

Heatwave - SFA2 Results: (16 Entrants)
1st - Sahn (Ken)
2nd - yoguy (Rose/Sakura)
3rd - Rodnole (Chun Li)
4th - ToXY (Rolento/Ryu)
5th - Paul (Sodom)
5th - Kechu (Guy/Ken)
7th - Ziggy (Ryu)
7th - Beefy (Chun Li)

Heatwave - SF2 Hyper Fighting Results: (16 Entrants)
1st - Kechu (Guile)
2nd - FAB (Zangief)
3rd - bbbenson (Sagat)
4th - Afterdeath (Ryu)
5th - ToXY (Ryu)
5th - Kenshin (Guile)
7th - Rodnole (Chun Li)
7th - MN (Guile)

Thanks again to everyone who made the effort to come out! Jackuuu love you long time!


PS - 3S Vids will be out soon! (None were taken to my knowledge for the other games which is a shame as there were some great matches in ST)

Friday, 23 February 2007

3S: GGS RanBat 2.1 Results - 23/02/07

3S - GGS RanBat 2.1 Results: (24 Entrants)
1st - Garland (KE)
2nd - MN (CH)
3rd - TSC (GO)
4th - Jack (YU)
5th - hkh1022 (HU/KE)
5th - Kechu (AL)
7th - DavidMQ (IB)
7th - eks (CH)
9th - Benson (KE)
9th - Bluey (DU/UR)
9th - Kow_dude (YU)
9th - Tian (YU)
13th - Kenshin (RY)
13th - jfizzman (Q)
13th - Tapir (RY)
13th - Yohei (KE)
17th - Afterdeath (CH)
17th - desiree (?)
17th - Genki (MA)
17th - minh (MA)
17th - Paul (?)
17th - sneek (GO)
17th - Stephen (KE)
17th - ToXy (KE/GO)

Crowd shots...
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Kechu after a close win & Benson/eks playing...
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

- I have work at 7am and I can't sleep... no comment on winners final second match. What a farrrrk up.

- Good job Garland and then Martin for knocking out Kechu. Bad job for knocking out me.

- WTF were Benson and Joey doing over there on the couch when I looked over? Looked like some gay shit was going down...

- No ST or SFA2 RanBats this week due to XvSF and ST Heatwave tournaments.

- RanBat was capped via direct feed but no crowd sound (just game audio) due to the karaoke set up playing up on me. Will release video in the next week or so.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

GGS RanBat Season 2 Details...

Important news!
The top player from the 3S series will win the 'SBO 2007' fund which by that time should amount to approx $1000aus which is basically enough for a fully funded return air ticket to Japan. (Please note that it is only to be used to fund a ticket for that player to attend Japan during SBO 2007 in August)

Season 2 Schedule:
Check out the online calendar here! Basically to summarise, the tournaments will be bi-weekly and run 6 times meaning the season will stretch out from late Feb to early May. They will be held on Friday nights starting at 7:00pm sharp with an emphasis on sticking to that time so that those who need to travel from afar can get home on time.

RanBat 2.1 - Fri 23rd Feb @ 7:30pm Start!
RanBat 2.2 - Fri 9th Mar @ 7:00pm Start!
RanBat 2.3 - Fri 23rd Mar @ 7:00pm Start!
RanBat 2.4 - Fri 6th Apr @ 7:00pm Start!
RanBat 2.5 - Fri 20th Apr @ 7:00pm Start!
RanBat 2.6 - Fri 4th May @ 7:00pm Start!

1. Street Fighter Alpha 2
2. Super Street Fighter II Turbo
3. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike

"Good Games"
Level 1, 857 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 02 9281 1760

Full location details and a map can be found here! Basically to summarise the shop is located in between KFC and McDonald's close to UTS across from Central Station. If you having difficulties and/or are running late call Jack on 0414 512 323.

The pay double entry fee/double points rule applies from past 3S RanBat seasons. Points will be awarded in the following format:

1st - 10 points
2nd - 7 points
3rd - 5 points
4th - 3 points
5th - 1 point

To sign up online please visit this thread at ozhadou: online sign-ups!

Sunday, 11 February 2007

3S: Hong leads team to 4th place @ Game Vision 'Kokujin Farewell' RanBat!

Recently, Melbourne Dudley player Hong attended what is being called Kokujin's 'retirement tournament' at KSK's Game Vision in Yokohama, Tokyo. With over 75+ players in attendance Hong managed to lead his team to 4th place in the tournament by OCV'ing the first 3 teams they played himself before meeting Kokujin in the top 4 and losing to him.

Anyway, I wont spoil the rest... be sure to watch/download this RanBat as it is one of the best in quite a while featuring many of Japan's best in the final 4 including KO, Boss, Tokido, MOV, Kokujin to name a few. You can download the torrent file here: Game Vision 3S - Kokujin Farewell RanBat Torrent OR you can download it from filefront here! You can also watch it on YouTube at the links I provided below. Anyway once again congratulations to Hong, all your hard work has not gone to waste!

Hong/TER/JO2 vs Kokujin/KO/Boss

Hong/TER/JO2 vs Tackle Maeda/Meta/MOV

Saturday, 10 February 2007

3S: Team Melbourne invades Japan!

Melbourne players Kechu (AL), Hong (DU) along with recently departed Sydney player IXL (YU), ex-Sydney player Joe (KE) and a bunch of friends from HK have all recently gone or returned back from Japan over the past several weeks where they went to test their 3S skills against Japan's finest.

Kechu enjoyed himself so much the first time that after going to HK for a week post-Japan trip he went back AGAIN for a 2nd time to meet up with Hong who is staying for 8-10 weeks. To read more about their experiences over in Japan check out the following threads on ozhadou:

1. HK Report! (PaulT, Lok, Kechu, IXL, Genxa & more!)
2. Japan Report Vol 1! (Kechu, IXL & Team HK!)
3. Japan Report Vol 2! (Hong & Kechu!)

The guys also happened to get a fair few videos although Kechu still has 2GB worth of stuff that he is yet to upload. (I want those vids Kev! ^_^) Check out the following links to see some of the videos that have been uploaded so far... TSC's youtube page! and Hong's youtube page!

Here is a sample video below of Hong (DU) vs RX (UR):

... and here is another video of Kechu (AL) vs Jiro (GO):


Sydney RanBat Blog... Engage!

Okay Jack and I have been meaning to get one of these blogs up now for quite a while. Basically this site will focus on season 2 of the GGS RanBats which will be beginning @ 7:00pm on Friday the 23rd of February. (Yes I am aware that it is on the first night of Heatwave however the 3S/ST and A2 tourneys from that tournament are played over the following two days!) For season 2 we plan to have the RanBats bi-weekly for the following games... 3S, ST and SFA2.

Apart from focusing on our local Sydney RanBats we also intend to use this blog to cover certain events/topics etc that are present within our local and sometimes even international community. For example the upcoming Australian Tougeki Qualifiers for which I will be releasing details about later on this month. Not to mention results and news from other parts of the country like Melbourne and the 3S tournaments they try to hold monthly at Bluehouse Arcade in Chinatown as well as news on local players abroad and how they are doing etc.

Anyway feel free to post any thoughts, comments or suggestions on anything relating to this blog or the Australian scene in general.