Tuesday, 24 April 2007

3S: GGS RanBat 2.5 Results - 20/04/07

GGS RanBat 2.5 Results: (14 entrants)

1st - eks (CH)
2nd - TSC (GO/MA)
3rd - MN (CH)
4th - TimZ (KE)
5th - shaaaaa (YA/AL/IB)
5th - Genxa (KE/YA)
7th - Yohei (KE/DU)
7th - jfizzman (Q/AL)
9th - Megoreng (CH)
9th - sneek (GO)
9th - Juztin (DU/KE)
9th - Yoguy (GO)
13th - AD (CH)
13th - D3 (DU)

Random Notes:

- Firstly... we need some commentation, fools be talking hella funny stuff. (Damn, I am sounding like an American )

- eks beating TSC twice... first in winners bracket final and then in grand finals in the 2nd set.

- TSC beating MN in winners and losers bracket and ensuring that shin Jack's random schemes whilst in Japan are carried out... easy operation! My personal favourite was that random SA2 that connected to knock MN into losers bracket... lol!

- TimZ raping Genxa... lol Henry, lol.

Just one more RanBat for season 2 to go! Jack and MN are both tied on 40 points so whoever places higher in the next RanBat will win $1000 to go towards their ticket to Japan during SBO!

For more post tournament talk check out the post tourney thread here on OzHadou!

Friday, 6 April 2007

Australian SBO5 Quals, Sat May 5th - Less than 1 month to go!

With less than one month to go to the Australian SBO5 Qualifiers I look forward to seeing people training up and turning out in force for this great event! The qualifiers will be held on Saturday the 5th of May at the UTS, Broadway Campus in Sydney. For more details check out the official registration threads on either Ozhadou or Tekken Zaibatsu:

OzHadou (3S/T5DR/VF5) sign up thread!

Tekken Zaibatsu (T5DR) sign up thread!

I look forward to seeing everyone there!


3S: GGS RanBat 2.4 Results - 06/04/07

3S - GGS RanBat 2.4 Results: (8 Entrants)

1st - MN (CH)
2nd - Jack (YU)
3rd - Genxa (GO/YA)
4th - Benny (CH)
5th - Juztin (KE)
5th - Yohei (DU)
7th - AD (CH)
7th - jfizzman (Q/AL)

What the f**k has happened to the Sydney 3S community? Where have our 20-30 entrants per RanBat gone? Come on guys it is time to train up for the SBO Quals otherwise Melbourne is just going to rape the s**t out of us!

Even I will be coming out to the next RanBat! See you guys there!


3S: GGS RanBat 2.3 Results - 23/03/07

3S - GGS RanBat 2.3 Results: (11 Entrants)

1st - Jack (MA)
2nd - MN (CH)
3rd - AD (CH)
4th - Kenshin (RY)
5th - Genxa (GO/KE)
5th - Yohei (KE)
7th - jfizzman (Q)
7th - DavidMQ (IB/YA)
9th - Benny (CH)
9th - kow_dude (YU)
9th - Manko (GO/CH)

3S: GGS RanBat 2.2 Results - 09/03/07

3S - GGS RanBat 2.2 Results: (14 Entrants)

1st - Jack (KE/YU)
2nd - MN (CH)
3rd - eks (CH)
4th - Kenshin (RY)
5th - Benson (GO)
5th - Stephen_Ken (KE)
7th - jfizzman (Q)
7th - kow_dude (YU/YA)
9th - AD (CH)
9th - Minh (MA)
9th - Vargus (KE)
9th - Yohei (KE)
13th - Benny (CH)
13th - Desiree (RE)