Saturday, 10 February 2007

3S: Team Melbourne invades Japan!

Melbourne players Kechu (AL), Hong (DU) along with recently departed Sydney player IXL (YU), ex-Sydney player Joe (KE) and a bunch of friends from HK have all recently gone or returned back from Japan over the past several weeks where they went to test their 3S skills against Japan's finest.

Kechu enjoyed himself so much the first time that after going to HK for a week post-Japan trip he went back AGAIN for a 2nd time to meet up with Hong who is staying for 8-10 weeks. To read more about their experiences over in Japan check out the following threads on ozhadou:

1. HK Report! (PaulT, Lok, Kechu, IXL, Genxa & more!)
2. Japan Report Vol 1! (Kechu, IXL & Team HK!)
3. Japan Report Vol 2! (Hong & Kechu!)

The guys also happened to get a fair few videos although Kechu still has 2GB worth of stuff that he is yet to upload. (I want those vids Kev! ^_^) Check out the following links to see some of the videos that have been uploaded so far... TSC's youtube page! and Hong's youtube page!

Here is a sample video below of Hong (DU) vs RX (UR):

... and here is another video of Kechu (AL) vs Jiro (GO):


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