Saturday, 10 February 2007

Sydney RanBat Blog... Engage!

Okay Jack and I have been meaning to get one of these blogs up now for quite a while. Basically this site will focus on season 2 of the GGS RanBats which will be beginning @ 7:00pm on Friday the 23rd of February. (Yes I am aware that it is on the first night of Heatwave however the 3S/ST and A2 tourneys from that tournament are played over the following two days!) For season 2 we plan to have the RanBats bi-weekly for the following games... 3S, ST and SFA2.

Apart from focusing on our local Sydney RanBats we also intend to use this blog to cover certain events/topics etc that are present within our local and sometimes even international community. For example the upcoming Australian Tougeki Qualifiers for which I will be releasing details about later on this month. Not to mention results and news from other parts of the country like Melbourne and the 3S tournaments they try to hold monthly at Bluehouse Arcade in Chinatown as well as news on local players abroad and how they are doing etc.

Anyway feel free to post any thoughts, comments or suggestions on anything relating to this blog or the Australian scene in general.



DG said...
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DG, I saw your original post as it went to my email account before you wisely removed it. Calm down, it's only a blog promoting my local 3S scene. It wasn't designed to take anything away from you guys (TOSF) and as I mentioned on SRK your guys blog actually inspired me to create one.

Sadly I am a bit of a computer noob and other blogging sites I have tried before were hard for me to operate, this one was simple so I used it.

Even though my blog was created with the same program/URL the content is actually quite different as I am not just showing RanBat news but info etc from around the Aus SF community in general. I also intend to include articles on current topics/themes within the fighting game community as a whole.

So yeah, just relax guys and keep playing 3S. Anyway good luck with the TOSF RanBats, I look forward to seeing more videos from them!


Gaijinblaze said...

DG was just kidding around, he was bothered mainly because he was the one who designed the layout and everything for the TOSF one. If he hadn't customized the banner and bg the 2 sites would look really close.

It may sound like I'm annoyed, but I'm not. In fact, I am a bit envious. The reason you guys can cover more than just ranbats (like Team Melbourne going to Japan and whatnot) is because everyone in your community gets along. Our players are divided into factions and don't even like each other. I guess one of the reasons we started ranbats is to try to change that.

Take care.