Sunday, 11 February 2007

3S: Hong leads team to 4th place @ Game Vision 'Kokujin Farewell' RanBat!

Recently, Melbourne Dudley player Hong attended what is being called Kokujin's 'retirement tournament' at KSK's Game Vision in Yokohama, Tokyo. With over 75+ players in attendance Hong managed to lead his team to 4th place in the tournament by OCV'ing the first 3 teams they played himself before meeting Kokujin in the top 4 and losing to him.

Anyway, I wont spoil the rest... be sure to watch/download this RanBat as it is one of the best in quite a while featuring many of Japan's best in the final 4 including KO, Boss, Tokido, MOV, Kokujin to name a few. You can download the torrent file here: Game Vision 3S - Kokujin Farewell RanBat Torrent OR you can download it from filefront here! You can also watch it on YouTube at the links I provided below. Anyway once again congratulations to Hong, all your hard work has not gone to waste!

Hong/TER/JO2 vs Kokujin/KO/Boss

Hong/TER/JO2 vs Tackle Maeda/Meta/MOV

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