Monday, 26 February 2007

Heatwave is over!

Sydney's 1st annual summer arcade major Street Fighter tournament is now over! Held at 'GGS' in Sydney over 3 nights and 2 days... Heatwave despite the lower than expected turnout (especially in 3S and ST) was by all accounts a smashing success! With interstate players from Melbourne coming up including the grandfather of the Australian SF scene Kechu making a last minute appearance (In typical Melbourne fashion I might add), the infamous italian stallion Oro player himself Alex and the world famous ToXy, the event turned out to be better than originally thought earlier in the week when it looked as though it would only be us Sydney players playing with ourselves. ^_^

OzHadou admin Ziggy originally came up with the concept behind Heatwave which was to have a first for the Australian fighting game community and that was an arcade based tournament with fixed cash prizes. In other words, prize money that was not determined by the number of entrants etc... basically, regardless of how many people entered the $ prize would be the same. Heatwave had $1500 in cash prizes for the 3 major games at the event... 3S, ST and SFA2 which replaced MvC2 due to the board dieing on us a few weeks earlier. Side tournaments included SF2 HF and XvSF.

In HF old school vet Kechu ended up taking home 1st place and it was no suprise when ToXy raped everyone to win XvSF. Moving on to ST and ToXy's Boxer was to strong on the day and Kechu's Guile was as solid as ever to take the 1st-2nd crown for Melbourne. TSC's Claw came in 3rd place after a close match to ToXy and raping from Kechu's SF2 style ST Guile. :(

In 3S Kechu was expected to take the crown here after coming in at a career low 5th place in the previous night's RanBat. In the end though he was 'Chun-whored' by eks and MN who abused the Chun vs Alex 8-2 match up and knocked him out of the tournament into an even newer career low of 7th place. The man of the night though was Sydney's Urien king Jimmy aka Bluey! Bluey has been around since the beginning of 3S back in 1999 and has always been regarded as one of Sydney's top tier players. However, he has never been able to transfer his success in casual matches over into the tournament setting and has always played well below average in them. However this night he was straight up beasting and came through the winners bracket into the finals. In the end TSC was unable to break Bluey in the finals and when his Makoto missed SA2 after st.HP (which would have stunned him and won the match)... well, it was clear that it was over and that Jimmy would now be $250 richer. Congratulations to Bluey for his first 3S tournament win ever!

In the end it was a very enjoyable weekend as I am sure all those present would attest to. Alot of old faces came out along with the new and of course having the Melbourne players come up really did make the weekend ten times better than it would have been without them. I would especially like to thank Kechu for coming up... especially after spending so much money these past few months with his trips to Hong Kong and Japan were he proudly represented Melbourne and the Australian 3S scene in general.

Thanks again to all those who helped organise this event behind the scenes and on the day... FAB, Jack, sneek to name a few and last but not least Zigoas - this man forked out a very large sum of $ out of his own pocket to fund this event which became even larger due to the lower than expected turnout. My hat comes of to you buddy, you did a great job and I am sure I speak for everyone else in the community when I thank you for your hard work and dedication to the scene!

Top 8 results from each game can be found below, full results can be found on here!

Heatwave - 3S Results: (18 Entrants)
1st - Bluey (UR)
2nd - TSC (GO/MA)
3rd - shaaaaa (IB)
4th - Jack (YU/DU)
5th - eks (CH)
5th - MN (CH)
7th - Kechu (AL/IB)
7th - Kow_dude (YU)

Top 3 in 3S, from left to right: TSC (GO/MA), Bluey (UR) & shaaaaa (IB)

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Heatwave - ST Results: (19 Entrants)
1st - ToXY (Boxer)
2nd - Kechu (Guile)
3rd - TSC (Claw/Dictator/DJ)
4th - Ziggy (Honda)
5th - Kenshin (Guile)
5th - Afterdeath (Boxer)
7th - FAB (Gief/Guile)
7th - Humanbomb (Ryu/Ken)

Heatwave - SFA2 Results: (16 Entrants)
1st - Sahn (Ken)
2nd - yoguy (Rose/Sakura)
3rd - Rodnole (Chun Li)
4th - ToXY (Rolento/Ryu)
5th - Paul (Sodom)
5th - Kechu (Guy/Ken)
7th - Ziggy (Ryu)
7th - Beefy (Chun Li)

Heatwave - SF2 Hyper Fighting Results: (16 Entrants)
1st - Kechu (Guile)
2nd - FAB (Zangief)
3rd - bbbenson (Sagat)
4th - Afterdeath (Ryu)
5th - ToXY (Ryu)
5th - Kenshin (Guile)
7th - Rodnole (Chun Li)
7th - MN (Guile)

Thanks again to everyone who made the effort to come out! Jackuuu love you long time!


PS - 3S Vids will be out soon! (None were taken to my knowledge for the other games which is a shame as there were some great matches in ST)

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