Monday, 7 May 2007

3S: GGS RanBat 2.6 Results - 04/05/07

GGS RanBat 2.6 Results: (14 entrants)

1st - TimZ (KE)
2nd - BOC (UR)
3rd - Jack (YU)
4th - MN (CH)
5th - TSC (MA/GO)
5th - Juztin (KE)
7th - AD (CH)
7th - stephen_ken (KE)
9th - Haichii (KE)
9th - Heet (GO)
9th - Kenshin (RY)
13th - Ben (CH)
13th - Jfizzman (Q)

Random Notes:

- TimZ wins his first ever tournament! Congratulations to our Sydney beast for knocking out Akira's Urien!

- Jack wins the overall season 2 points table meaning he gets the $1000 for his trip to Japan during SBO. Congratulations Jackuuu! I look forward to having lots of fun over there this year with you and everyone else coming!

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