Friday, 6 April 2007

3S: GGS RanBat 2.4 Results - 06/04/07

3S - GGS RanBat 2.4 Results: (8 Entrants)

1st - MN (CH)
2nd - Jack (YU)
3rd - Genxa (GO/YA)
4th - Benny (CH)
5th - Juztin (KE)
5th - Yohei (DU)
7th - AD (CH)
7th - jfizzman (Q/AL)

What the f**k has happened to the Sydney 3S community? Where have our 20-30 entrants per RanBat gone? Come on guys it is time to train up for the SBO Quals otherwise Melbourne is just going to rape the s**t out of us!

Even I will be coming out to the next RanBat! See you guys there!


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